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Dynamiker attends ECCMID2023 in Denmark


The 33rd European Academic Conference on Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) was held from April 15th to 18th at the Bella Exhibition Center in Copenhagen, Denmark. ECCMID is the largest, most comprehensive and influential international conference in the field of clinical microbiology, infectious diseases and infection control. 


Dynamiker presented at this conference the first POCT diagnostic solution for invasive fungal diseases and the latest product series, as well as ERIC™ carbapenem detection kits and pet diagnostic series products.

At this conference, Dynamiker received nearly a hundred experts, clinicians and distributors from all over the world. Dynamiker's overseas team has conducted extensive exchanges with its key customers and partners and reached a number of important cooperations.


At the same time, Dynamiker was invited to conduct 8 poster academic exchanges and sharings, mainly focusing on fungal serological detection technology, fungal molecular detection technology, fungal and bacterial drug resistance detection technology, molecular diagnostic platform, chemiluminescence platform and POCT platform.


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