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Riverside of the Rhine, full of harvests---Dynamiker made a wonderful appearance at 2023 MEDICA


The world's largest medical exhibition-MEDICA2023 came to an end on November 16 at the Dusseldorf Exhibition Center. This exhibition has always been hailed as a benchmark for the development of the medical industry, attracting enthusiastic participation from companies from many countries every year. It is reported that a total of 6,000+ companies participated in this exhibition, of which the number of registered Chinese companies was as high as 1,000+. Although Dynamiker participated in the exhibition for the first time, it was highly praised by new and old customers for its latest chemiluminescence diagnostic solution for invasive fungal diseases and other mature methodological products.



At this exhibition, Dynamiker had in-depth exchanges with agents, buyers, health departments, and medical professionals from different countries. Dynamiker will continue to speak out in the in vitro diagnostic industry, continue to innovate and make breakthroughs, contribute to the diagnosis of pathogenic microorganisms, and make greater contributions to the cause of health at home and abroad.

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