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Specific Fungal Detection

Candida albicans IgM/IgG Assay

Catalogue Number:DNK-1408-1/DNK1409-1

Specifications:96 tests/kit

Specimen:Serum or Plasma

Reaction Time:Result within 2.5 hours

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Candida albicans IgM/IgG Antibody Detection

It is an indirect EIA for the detection of anti-mannan IgM/IgG in human serum or plasma.
The antibodies are used for IC detection.

Test Principle


96 tests ELISA microplate with breakable strips
Specimen Serum or Plasma
Analyte Anti-mannan IgM/IgG antibodies
Rapid Result within 2.5 hours
Sensitivity >86%
Specificity >88%

Serological Profile of Invasive Candidiasis (IC)

IgM exists in blood during the early stage of IC infection. A high level of IgM indicates a
primary or ongoing infection.
The presence of IgG against Candida albicans implies a prior IC infection and suggests
immunity. A significant increase in IgG level indicates an acute infection or a re-infection.