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Infectious Bacteria Detection

Human Procalcitonin Assay

Catalogue Number:DNK-1405-1

Specifications:96 tests

Specimen:Serum, plasma

Reaction Time:Result within 20 minutes

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In recent years, invasive diagnostic procedures, bacterial antibiotic resistance, severe trauma, organ transplant and chemotherapy patients are becoming more common than ever. These factors have led to a rising rate in hospital infections, sepsis, septic shock and multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS). Procalcitonin (PCT) is a 13kD glycoprotein that has an in vivo half-life of 25-30 hours. It serves as an important index for the detection of infectious diseases.

1. High throughput detection
Specification        96 Tests/ Kit
2. Short detection time: Only takes 30 minutes to test 96 samples
Specimen             Serum/ Plasma
3. Highly accurate results:98% coincidence rate with VIDAS
Detection Range    0.25-10ng/mL
4. Special devices are not needed: Detection 
Intra-assay            CV≤10%

Inter-assay            CV≤15%

Clinical Significance
1. Responsive to systematic bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections.
2. Little or no reaction towards non-bacterial inflammation, viral infections, cancer, autoimmune diseases and localized infection.
3. PCT levels decrease rapidly with an effective antibiotic treatment.


Diagnostic Value of Procalcitonin(PCT) in Bacterial Infection                                                                      Serum PCT Concentration in Various Diseases