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Dynamiker Aspergillus Galactomannan Assay

Catalogue Number:DNK-1402-1
Specifications:96 Tests/Kit
Reaction Time: 2 hours
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With the wide application of broad-spectrum antibiotics, corticosteroid, immunosuppressant, anti-tumor drugs, as well as the prevalence of AIDS and the development of organ transplantation, the invasive fungal diseases (IFD), with a high mortality, is increasing and complicated. The invasive Aspergillosis (IA) is rapidly increasing. The susceptible population is mainly people who receive immunosuppressive therapy, such as hematopoietic stem cell transplantation patients, hematic malignant carcinoma patients, solid organ transplantation patients, bone marrow transplantation patients as well as long-term chemotherapy and corticosteroid therapy patients and severe AIDS patients.
The clinical symptom of IA is non-specific. There are no identical features in CT scan and X-ray. The difficulty of early diagnosis and timely treatment results in a high mortality of 60%~100% . The presence of galactomannan antigen against Aspergillus indicates a prior Aspergillus infection.


1.Microplate reader detection at 405nm using kinetic chromogenic method: Matches with international standard.

2.High throughput and rapid detection: It takes only 40 minutes to complete diagnosis for 90 sets of samples

Test Procedure
Specimen:Serum  Specimen:Serum  Specimen:Serum  Specimen:Serum  Specimen:Serum  Specimen:Serum  
Susceptible population
1)Severe agranulocytosis   2)Severe agranulocytosis   3)Severe agranulocytosis   4)Severe agranulocytosis   5)Severe agranulocytosis   6)Severe agranulocytosis   7)Severe agranulocytosis   8)Severe agranulocytosis   9)Severe agranulocytosis   10)Severe agranulocytosis  
M experiment + G experiment: advantages of joint detection*

(1-3)-β-D-glucan is widely present in the fungal cell wall and acts as a specific biomarker for fungal infection. The glucan specifically binds to factor G in the Main Reagent, activating its serine protease zymogen. The cascade of reactions changes the absorbance of the substrate and quantifies the (1-3)-β-D-glucan concentration.

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