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Consultant Team

Academician Wanqing Liao      Expert of Academician Workstation
 Expert of Dermatology and Medical Mycology;

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering;

Chief Physician of Dermatology Department in Shanghai Changzheng Hospital

Prof. David Denning    
 Director of National Aspergillosis Centre;

President of Global Action Fund of Fungal Infections (GAFFI);

Professor of Medical Mycology in the University of Manchester(UK)

Prof. Yinghe Hu      Chief Project Advisor
 Chief Scientist of National Program on Key Basic Research Project of China (973 Program);

Chief Scientist of Bayer and Novartis Pharmaceuticals;

PhD of Biochemistry in the University of Lowa (USA)

 Prof. Dapeng Zuo    Director of Customer Service Department
Member of Clinical Detection Teaching Committee in the Capital Medical University (China)

Professor of Capital Medical University(China)

Mr. Roger Lau  Chief Marketing Officer
Vice-President of Greater China, BioMérieux SA

30 years marketing experience in related area.