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R&D Team

Dr. Zeqi Zhou  President
Lecturer of Harvard Medical School  Postdoctoral
Research Fellow of Harvard Medical School 
PhD of Ohio University
Professor of Nankai University
Senior Research Scientist of Bayer (USA)
Chief Scientist of WYETH  Biopharmaceutical Company (USA)
Chairman of  the  Association of Chinese Clinical Chemists in North American     
Vice president of Tianjin international biomedical Joint Institute

 Ms. Yan Su   General Manager
Master of Nankai University
Memeber  of
Association of Clinical Chemists in North American 
Mainly research laboratory diagnosis  and product development  of invasive fungal infections
Responsible for  the overall operation of  the company

 Dr. Changzhong Sheng         Vice General Manager
 LifeSciences PhD of Nankai University

Postdoctoral Research Fellow of Kansas State University(USA)
Deputy Director of the POCT Technical Institute of  Tsinghua University

Responsible for the development and production of new technology, as well as the government affair

Dr. Ning Li         Vice General Manager
PhD in Tianjin Medical University

Research on the molecular biology and cell biology as well as the clinical laboratory  detecting techniques
Nearly ten years experience in monoclonal and polyclonal antibody immune , preparation and product development of kits

Responsible for the research and development of the products