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Dynamiker’s visit to Mexico

AddTime:2017-08-10 16:40:05    Source:Dynamiker Biotechnology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.    Views:994

On July 25th-28th 2017, Dr. Zhou Zeqi –the president of Dynamiker Biotechnology and overseas team visited the Mexico City successfully. Together with partners, they had in-depth communication with several KOL users about the issue of early, rapid diagnosis of invasive fungal diseases.

During this trip, Dynamiker Biotechnology visited Medical School of National Autonomous University of Mexico (Universidad National Autónoma de México,UNAM),Medical Sur -the biggest private hospital in Mexico, HIDMFG- a Children’s Hospital in Mexico City and etc. KOL said that the existing people of Mexico is 120 million, whereas the prevalence of invasive candidiasis, invasive aspergillosis, CPA, HIV-related fungal infection is 8.6/100000,6.2/100000,15.9/100000,8.2/100000 respectively. Besides, certain endemic fungal infection, such as   coccidioidomycosis and mucormycosis are equally severe. In fact, the actual morbidity is much higher than the above figures as a result of the lack of effective diagnostic methods and systematic epidemiological survey data.

The experts spoke highly of Dynamiker Biotechnogy’s culture-independent technology, who believed that early rapid diagnosis is of vital importance for the diagnosis and management of invasive fungal diseases. The panel testing strategy provided by Dynamiker also provides a more accurate and reliable reference data for diagnosing fungal diseases.

The visit is over. However, Dynamiker’s pursuit of “ Technology is life” will never stop. We will insist on innovation and constantly strive for the 95/95 plan.