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Dynamiker’s GM Assay has been certificated by INVIMA in Columbia

AddTime:2017-07-28 15:37:12    Source:Dynamiker Biotechnology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.    Views:987


Recently, Dynamiker Biotechnology’s Aspergillus Glactomannan Assay has been certificated by INVIMA in Colombia, which has important strategic meaning for Dynamiker’s products entering South-America market. It is also a key link in overseas layout.

With the increasing demand of emerging markets overseas and the impetus of” One Belt, One Road” Policy, Dynamiker actively in response to national development strategy of “Going out”. We continuously explore overseas market, sparing no efforts to build a national brand of invasive fungal diseases diagnosis.

Dynamiker’s products got certification in Colombia, which has laid a solid foundation for the entire Latin American market. We will take up this opportunity to promote Dynamiker’s products to overseas markets.