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Dynamiker Successfully Held the GAFFI-China Symposium

AddTime:2017-07-28 13:54:08    Source:Dynamiker Biotechnology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.    Views:559

On April 9,2016, in the beautiful tulip city of Amsterdam, Netherlands, Dynamiker Biotechnology successfully held the first GAFFI-China Symposium on diagnosis and treatment of fungal diseases.

In this meeting, Dynamiker invited more than 20 prominent clinical and diagnostic mycological experts worldwide. Foreign experts include: Prof. David W. Denning (President of Global Action Fund for Fungal infections-GAFFI), Prof. Arunaloke Chakrabarti(Vice President of International Society for Human and Animal Mycology-ISHAM), Prof. Nikolay klimko (Northwestern State Medical University in Russia),Prof. Flavio de Queiroz Telles(Ministry of Health in Brazil, Universidade Federal do Parana ), Dr.Ana Alastruey-lzquierdo(Spanish fungus reference laboratory),Dr Samuel Adetona Fayemiwo University of Ibadan in Nigeria as well as a number of renowned domestic experts.

The topic of this meeting was to call upon the global clinical and diagnostic experts working together, attaching importance to the current situation of clinical fungal infection, establishing fungal diagnostic criteria, promoting early diagnosis of fungal diseases, and constantly striving  toward the goal of 95% of people with serious fungal disease are diagnosed and 95% treated by 2025.

During the meeting, Vice- general Manager Mr. Zhao Weixing introduced foreign and Chinese experts Dynamiker’s complete diagnostic solutions of invasive fungal diseases as well as  clinical researches and assessment results were done in the domestic and foreign well-known hospitals. The experts believed that Dynamiker’s panel testing and continuous testing scheme have important clinical value for early accurate diagnosis and treatment of fungal diseases.

Prof. David Denning made in-depth exchange with experts from all over the world, which is mainly about the current situation of fungal infection, diagnosis and treatment of fungal diseases. Besides, he also discussed with China experts about the establishment of fungus monitoring reference laboratory.

Dynamiker is willing to work together with GAFFI, dedicating to the in-vitro diagnosis of invasive fungal infection, thereby improving human health step by step.