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Voice of Dynamiker floating In Vienna

AddTime:2017-07-20 14:00:08    Source:Dynamiker Biotechnology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.    Views:629

The 27th ECCMID (European Clinical microbiology and infectious diseases) annual event has lasted for three days in Austria.
During this three days, the city of song- Vienna has attracted clinical microbiology and infection experts, enterprises who gather here playing symphony simultaneously in the field of laboratory diagnostics .In Vienna, we discussed the difficulties and countermeasures in the microbial diagnosis and treat field, sharing the latest researches and achievements.

The clinical research literature of Dynamiker’s BDG Assay is awarded as top 10 in global mycological field by ECCMID committee.
Many experts indicate that all previous routine assays, including a single serology experiment, can’t fully meet the clinical needs whereas Dynamiker’s fungal joint detection is a very important and advanced detection scheme. In the early phase of fungal infection or clinical symptoms are not obvious, it can achieves rapid and high- throughput detection, which is conducive to take timely treatment, thereby improving survival rate of the patients.

In the 27th ECCMID, Dynamiker Biotechnology let the world hear the splendid music from China. We will always adhere to our principle and achieve more technical innovation.