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Dynamiker’s BDG Assay and GM Assay has been certified by ANVISA in Brazil!

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Good News! Dynamiker’s BDG Assay and GM Assay has been certified by ANVISA in Brazil!

Through two years consecutive efforts and a series of rigorous clinical validation, Dynamiker’s BDG Assay and GM Assay were approved by ANVISA (Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária) successfully, which means that Dynamiker get market-access certificate in Brazil officially.

Since Dynamiker obtained perfect evaluation (with sensitivity and specificity of GM Assay is 81.8% and 80.5 respectively) of Brazil’s biggest hematology disease and transplantation hospital(Hospital de Clinicas de Porto Alegre), its BDG Assay and GM Assay has always kept  rapid and accurate diagnosis performance, which contributes to an increasing number of clinical mycology expert’s attention and recognition.  Besidesmany  Brazil’s authoritative professors at the joint of recommendation is an indispensable force for the successful registration of ANVISA.

As the largest economy and populous country in Latin America, Brazil’s morbidity of invasive fungal diseases in domestic is always high. Therefore, more and more Brazil’s experts attach importance to the research of invasive fungus.

 The successful registration of ANVISA has laid a solid foundation for Dynamiker exploiting Latin American’s market.

Dynamiker will always strive toward the goal of 95% of people with serious fungal disease are diagnosed and 95% treated by 2025 .