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Amazing! Dynamiker® Fungus(1-3)- β- D- Glucan Assay is Published in Medical Mycology

AddTime:2017-04-20 16:30:13    Source:Dynamiker Biotechnology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.    Views:1022


With three years serious and scientific clinical study, professor Lewis White, who is from British Cardiff University Hospital and Public Health Agency of Wales, successfully published “An Evaluation of the Performance of the Dynamiker® Fungus(1-3)- β- D - Glucan Assay to Assist in the Diagnosis of Invasive Aspergillosis, Invasive Candidiasis and Pneumocystis Pneumonia” which is about Dynamiker® Fungus(1-3)- β- D - Glucan Assay’s scientific achievements.


Cardiff University Hospital is the first large general hospital in Europe and it is also the third largest university hospital in Britain. Professor Lewis White enjoys great reputation in global mycology field. The assessment is accomplished in British Wales fungal reference laboratory of Cardiff University Hospital which has very significant reference value in clinic and research.


There were 121 patients tested, from 21 probable IA cases, 28 proven IC cases, six probable IFD cases, one probable IFD case, 14 possible IFD cases and 64 control patients. The result shows the sensitivity and specificity was 81.4% and 78.1%, respectively. ROC AUC is 0.8912. All of the results are superior to the international main G assay’s meta analysis result. When the number of cut off is 69pg/ml, the sensitivity is 90.4% and the specificity is 73.4%. In conclusion, the D-BDG provides a useful adjunct test to aid the diagnosis of IFD.


Dynamiker Biotechnology is always applied to create an international and professional platform for quick diagnosis of invasive fungal diseases. There are two mycology reference laboratory in Britain. Except the Cardiff University, the other is the South Manchester University( British NHS mycology reference experimental center and British aspergillosis center). Professor White’s research is Dynamiker’s  another magnificent achievement in academic research after professor David Denning and Malcolm Richardson in South Manchester University published essay about Dynamiker® IgG assay of aspergillus’ antibody. It means Dynamiker’s products in early quick diagnosis of invasive fungal diseases being comprehensively recognized by Britain. It provide a solid assurance for Dynamiker further expands global market and build a national brand.