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Customer Service

Four-level After-sales Service Support System

Clinical Centers

-The forefront for training and technical exchanges

-Appropriate hospitals in different areas are selected as clinical centers, which not only provide technical training and opportunities for academic discussions with other customers in the region, but also refer customers’ feedback and suggestions back to us at once. This allows us to have better understanding about the current product usage situations.

Distributor’s Technical Support Team

-Sincere cooperation and work partners

-Dynamiker’s customer service department communicate closely with the distributors through regular lab trainings in order to ensure that their technical team can solve problems encountered by customers on a daily basis. With the regular technical service provided by the distributors, we ensure that our customers have a good user experience of Dynamiker products.

Dynamiker’s Customer Service Team

-Active and responsible academic team

-Dynamiker's customer service center keeps track of the customer’s product usage situations through site visits and service hotlines as well as other kinds of methods. Our company promptly handles enquiries and complaints from distributors, clinical centers and customers. We have a standardized complaint handling process to respond in time, mobilize company’s technical experts and resources efficiently in order to analyze and solve the problems in a professional manner.

Dynamiker’s R&D Team
-Strong backing from the highly professional technical team
-Dynamiker has a highly experienced R&D team, which has extensive academic experience in the field of culture-free invasive fungal disease (IFD) diagnosis. Our R&D team can start high-level research collaboration with our customers and apply related research funding. We provide a comprehensive technical solution according to the customer’s actual situation.