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Dynamiker Biotechnology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. was founded in early 2014, a high-tech enterprise integrated with R&D, production and sales globally. It is focused on developing early, rapid and innovative in vitro diagnostics of invasive fungal diseases (IFD). The company is located at the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city in Tianjin Binhai New Area.

R&D Team

By adhering to the principle of “Technology is Power”, the R&D team is consisted of domestic and overseas talented experts specialized in microbiology, immunology, molecular biology and clinical chemistry. Dr. Zeqi Zhou, who serves as the CTO of the team, obtained Ph.D. from Ohio University and Postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School. Having the extensive experience gained at Bayer and Wyeth, he led the R&D team and successfully developed over 10 new IFD products that show strong competitiveness in the global market.

Market Development

Dynamiker’s goal is to “shape company’s brand with quality and explore world’s market with innovation”. Over 10 of the company’s newly developed IFD kits have recently been CE marked. Dynamiker products have already penetrated the domestic market national-wide. Globally, Dynamiker products have entered into 26 countries in Asia, Europe, the Americas and Africa.

Customer Service

High quality is essential for market development and customer satisfaction. Dynamiker focuses on the needs of clients and continuously improves its quality of after-sales service. With the establishment of four-level after-sales service support system, including clinical centers, distributor’s technical support team, Dynamiker’s customer service team as well as R&D team, we have gained the trust and support from our customers.

Our Vision

Looking ahead, all of us are full of confidence and dynamics. Dynamiker will continue to uphold our enterprise spirit of “Unity, Practicability, Openness and Innovation”. We are working together to make our company as a leader in IFD-IVD field and business market, to create an innovative national brand and have IPO launched in 5 years.

  • 2017-08-10 Dynamiker’s visit to Mexico

    On July 25th-28th 2017, Dr. Zhou Zeqi –the president of Dynamiker Biotechnology and overseas team visited the Mexico City successfully. Together with partners, they had in-depth communication with several KOL users about the issue of early, rapid diagnosis of invasive fungal diseases.During this trip, Dynamiker Biotechnology visited Medical School of National Autonomous University of Mexico (Universidad National Autónoma de México,UNAM),Medical Sur -the biggest private hospital in Mexico, HIDMFG- a Children’s Hospital in Mexico City and etc. KOL said that the existing people of Mexico is 120 million, whereas the prevalence of invasive candidiasis, invasive aspergillosis, CPA, HIV-related fungal infection is 8.6/100000,6.2/100000,15.9/100000,8.2/100000 respectively. Besides, certain endemic fungal infection, such as coccidioidomycosis and mucormycosis are equally severe. In fact, the actual morbidity is much higher than the above figures as a result of the lack of effective diagnostic methods and systematic epidemiological survey data.The experts spoke highly of Dynamiker Biotechnogy’s culture-independent technology, who believed that early rapid diagnosis is of vital importance for the diagnosis and management of invasive fungal diseases. The panel testing strategy provided by Dynamiker also provides a more accurate and reliable reference data for diagnosing fungal diseases.The visit is over. However, Dynamiker’s pursuit of “ Technology is life” will never stop. We will insist on innovation and constantly strive for the 95/95 plan.

  • 2017-07-28 Dynamiker’s Products Entering Africa

    Along the Maritime Silk Route, Dynamiker’s Products Entering Africa: President Dr. Zhou Zeqi’s Investigation to Africa Dynamiker Biotechnology’s innovative products have been introduced into Africa’s medical market this year since it entered the clinical application of the European and Middle East hospitals last year. In response to President Xi Jinping’s great call for “Creating China-Africa Fate Community”, following closely national strategic planning of” One belt, One Road” as well as Tianjin’s ambitious goal of” Support Little-Giant Enterprises Developing China-Africa International Cooperation”, Dynamiker’s President Dr. Zhou Zeqi together with Delegation of Tianjin’s Science and Technology’s Commission visited the healthcare institutions of Nigeria and South Africa in late August, which including Nigeria’s Lagos University Medicine School and affiliated teaching hospital and National Center for clinical microbiological analysis. Besides, they also visited Manenburg clinical healthcare facility in Cape Town South Africa, and etc. In this trip to Africa, Dr. Zhou fully discussed with the Africa’s relevant experts about the feasibility of China-Africa Healthcare Cooperation. Having known Dynamiker Biotechnology’s panel testing products of invasive fungal diseases, the Africa’s healthcare-related departments and hospital clinical institutions think highly of Dynamiker’s products, they also reach a consensus with Dynamiker on the establishment of strategic partnerships.According to the statistics of UNAIDS, by the end of 2014, about 37 million people worldwide infected with HIV. Africa accounted for 11% of the world’s population whereas HIV carriers accounted for 71% of the World’s carriers. AIDS and its associated fatal fungal diseases have become major killers for African people’s health. Dynamiker Biotechnology’s early, rapid diagnosis of fungal diseases and fungal diseases’ antigen-antibody panel testing scheme can meet the urgent need of clinical diagnosis in Africa, which occupies an important position in accurate diagnosis &treatment markets of fungal diseases in Africa. Dr. Zhou’s investigation to Africa actually made significant progress. It is essential for promoting the clinical application of Dynamiker’s superior products in Africa.Dynamiker Biotechnology will continue actively participating in the strategic cooperation of China-Africa medical treatment, contributing for the accurate diagnosis and treatment of AIDs and its associated fatal fungal diseases.

  • 2017-07-28 Dynamiker’s GM Assay has been certificated by INVIMA in Columbia

    Recently, Dynamiker Biotechnology’s Aspergillus Glactomannan Assay has been certificated by INVIMA in Colombia, which has important strategic meaning for Dynamiker’s products entering South-America market. It is also a key link in overseas layout.With the increasing demand of emerging markets overseas and the impetus of” One Belt, One Road” Policy, Dynamiker actively in response to national development strategy of “Going out”. We continuously explore overseas market, sparing no efforts to build a national brand of invasive fungal diseases diagnosis. Dynamiker’s products got certification in Colombia, which has laid a solid foundation for the entire Latin American market. We will take up this opportunity to promote Dynamiker’s products to overseas markets.

  • 2017-07-28 Dynamiker Successfully Held the GAFFI-China Symposium

    On April 9,2016, in the beautiful tulip city of Amsterdam, Netherlands, Dynamiker Biotechnology successfully held the first GAFFI-China Symposium on diagnosis and treatment of fungal diseases. In this meeting, Dynamiker invited more than 20 prominent clinical and diagnostic mycological experts worldwide. Foreign experts include: Prof. David W. Denning (President of Global Action Fund for Fungal infections-GAFFI), Prof. Arunaloke Chakrabarti(Vice President of International Society for Human and Animal Mycology-ISHAM), Prof. Nikolay klimko (Northwestern State Medical University in Russia),Prof. Flavio de Queiroz Telles(Ministry of Health in Brazil, Universidade Federal do Parana ), Dr.Ana Alastruey-lzquierdo(Spanish fungus reference laboratory),Dr Samuel Adetona Fayemiwo (University of Ibadan in Nigeria) as well as a number of renowned domestic experts.The topic of this meeting was to call upon the global clinical and diagnostic experts working together, attaching importance to the current situation of clinical fungal infection, establishing fungal diagnostic criteria, promoting early diagnosis of fungal diseases, and constantly striving toward the goal of 95% of people with serious fungal disease are diagnosed and 95% treated by 2025. During the meeting, Vice- general Manager Mr. Zhao Weixing introduced foreign and Chinese experts Dynamiker’s complete diagnostic solutions of invasive fungal diseases as well as clinical researches and assessment results were done in the domestic and foreign well-known hospitals. The experts believed that Dynamiker’s panel testing and continuous testing scheme have important clinical value for early accurate diagnosis and treatment of fungal diseases. Prof. David Denning made in-depth exchange with experts from all over the world, which is mainly about the current situation of fungal infection, diagnosis and treatment of fungal diseases. Besides, he also discussed with China experts about the establishment of fungus monitoring reference laboratory.Dynamiker is willing to work together with GAFFI, dedicating to the in-vitro diagnosis of invasive fungal infection, thereby improving human health step by step.

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